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Tools for the Journey

Together, Steven and Tamara are sought-after speakers and television hosts, known for their engaging and insightful presentations. You can check out their latest series, "When We Talk", airing on the 3ABN, a Christian Broadcasting Network. This series touches on topics that are important to relational development, growth and healing.


They have developed a variety of other series available online to assist individuals and couples in navigating relationship dynamics, particularly in dating and marriage preparation: 

- Flight Plan 

- PMC - Pre Marriage Coaching 

- Love Phonics 

- Sex & Money 

- Tune Up

- WWE, "The What and Why Explained" 

and much more...

Through Stamena4Life, Steven and Tamara Conway continue to inspire and equip individuals and couples to pursue healing, personal growth, and relational development, anchored in faith and guided by Christian principles.

Individual & Group Work

Steven and Tamara Conway offer specialized Grief Recovery groups designed to help individuals, and married couples process grief associated with loss or significant life changes. These groups run for 7-8 sessions, providing a supportive and compassionate environment where participants can navigate their grief journey.

The Grief Recovery groups focus on emotional healing and personal growth, utilizing Grief Recovery Method principles. Participants are guided through an action based program, learning to understand and manage their emotions, identifying what is incomplete and finding ways to move forward with hope and resilience. Here are some other programs offered that center around helping people process Grief, Loss and Change: 

 "C3 CHALLENGE": A program developed to help institutions, churches and companies assist in helping groups process unresolved changes

In addition to these groups, Stamena4Life also offers marriage retreats and seminars. These events are tailored to strengthen relationships, promote healing, and foster deeper connections between people, parents & children, couples and many more. The retreats and seminars provide valuable tools and insights for enhancing bonds and addressing relational challenges, building self-awareness, all within a faith-based framework. Whether through group sessions, retreats, or seminars, Stamena4Life is committed to supporting individuals and couples in their journey toward healing and wholeness.

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