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Stamena4Life is committed to helping people show up as the best versions of themselves. We share relationship tools for the journey of life centered around personal growth, mental health, emotional and relational development, and healing. Our approach to reaching this healing utilizes tools anchored in Christian biblical principles. We believe, with God’s help, if people are willing to do the work, they can in fact heal on purpose.

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Mental Health & GRIEF SUPPORT


nov 12 & 13


Dec 10th


Zoom-Link upon request 

January 11th

GRIEF Recovery Method 

On-LINE 7-8 wk session

January 13th

GRIEF Recovery Method 

IN-PERSON 7-8 wk session - TROY CHURCH

March 16th - 21st 

Hope to Wholeness 
Addiction & Mental Health, Troy, MI

Feb 10th - April 27th

GRIEF Recovery Method 
IN-PERSON 7-8 wk session - TROY CHURCH

Feb 11th  & 12th

Family Emphasis week 
Mission Hope Church, St. Mission, TX

May 18th

WWE - Marriage Weekend
Troy SDA Church, Troy, MI 

June 15th - 23rd

Relationships & LOSS 
Michigan Conference Campmeeting

October 3rd

In studio, 8PM CT, IL 

August 26th,

Grief Recovery - VIRTUAL  
Married Couples 6pm ET & INDIVIDUALs group session 7:15pm ET

Tools For the Journey

Healing on purpose

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The foundation of our relationships begin far before we enter into marriage and family. Take a sneak peek into the first couple of chapters of Tamara's  book, "Kill The Girl", Volume 1, which takes you on a journey through her beginnings to healing some of life's deepest wounds. 

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