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Relationship tools for the journey of life.

We invite you to join us as we tackle important topics centered around relationships such as marriage, family, parenting, friendship and so much more.  

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the dots"

545-The Journey

"The Journey was truly a revelation and dot connector for me. It explained so much of the tendencies, fears, and triggers I have today. For me it was the unknown catalyst I needed to start my healing process. What I've learned has shaped my perspective and interaction with family, friends, my spouse, and my children. As a result I've started doing one on one therapy to continue my growth and healing journey. I would recommend the Journey program to anyone and everyone who is tired of living shackled to the effects of trauma but is looking to move forward and overcome in this life." - RB


Life Coaching & Grief Recovery

Tamara Conway, Certified Life Coach & Grief Recovery Specialist

Coping can only take us so far! It is in doing some of the most pivotal, life-altering, hard work, that we move from survival mode to thriving. This is what I love to do, walk with people and groups through doing the work nearest, and ultimately helping to HEAL ON PURPOSE!


Coming to 3ABN Plus!

"When We Talk"
Join us for a brand-new series coming in 2023, to the 3ABN network! 
eBook Reader

Coming in 2023


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Kill The Girl Volume 1

Author, Tamara Conway, shares her journey through processing trauma and discovering the beauty of healing on purpose.

"It's taken me 10 years to write this book. I am grateful for the time I have had to really heal before putting out a body of work that I believe many will identify with, but also find encouragement towards doing some of the most important work they can ever do, for themselves and subsequent generations to come.

15 Days

With the Conways

"15-day devotional for couples, taking them on a journey through some of the most vital lessons on relationship, marriage, and family that we have experienced over the last 22 years." 

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Coming 2023! Including monthly features, exclusive content; video & audio, courses, LIVE Podcast recording with Q&A, merch and so much more!

Stay tuned for the launch date! 

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