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The Journey

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The Passenger - The first step in your Journey of self-discovery. The Passenger Video Series and accompanying workbook focus on our early beginnings, the resulting attachment styles and how they impact our behaviors, feelings and thoughts today. Attaching to our parents as early as in the womb is the beginning of feeling that we belong. A feeling of belonging is fundamental to human existence and required in order to be whole, healthy and complete. When during our formative years we fail to attach in safe and secure ways to our caregivers, the brain sets up methods of survival in order to feel safe which are unhealthy. 

As a facilitator and Life Coach, I will walk you through 10/1 hour sessions of group intensive work. These sessions are closed to only registered participants, and require commitment to being present, active in the group and to do the personal work. All participants are also required to sign and adhere to boundaries set forth in confidentiality form, as each participant needs to feel safe and know that their privacy is respected.  You will need an internet connection, as sessions are done LIVE virtually.  

For information on our upcoming group sessions, contact Tamara Conway at 313-343-1422 or email at 

We look forward to seeing you in our next group session! 


Next Session:  

Weekly Group Coaching & Discussions, Video Access, 
Workbook + 1 personal
coaching session 


January 4th, 2023

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Part 1

Processing & Healing from Childhood Trauma

Coming Spring 2023

Part 2

Processing & Healing from  rejection. 

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