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545 - The Journey

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"Forgive and Live" 

"I have grown personally from the group. I was able to forgive my parents, and my ex husband and move on with my life. Creating healthy relationships and boundaries. I am raising higher and higher..." - PK


"Make Room for Intentional Change"

"The Journey was a really refreshing experience for me. It was great to be among like-minded women who wanted to dig deep and release themselves from past hurts or unhealthy thoughts and beliefs. The Journey helped me uncover some hard things from my younger years and connect those experiences to unhealthy behaviors and thoughts that I have carried into adulthood. My biggest takeaway was my past experiences do not have to define me and I do not have to carry the pain and baggage with me anymore. Now, I am more aware of my thoughts and patterns, which make room for intentional change and when I look in the mirror, I don't see someone who is broken anymore. I see a woman who is resilient, strong, and ever evolving." - SJF

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"Connecting the Dots"

"The Journey was truly a revelation and dot connector for me. It explained so much of the tendencies, fears, and triggers I have today. For me it was the unknown catalyst I needed to start my healing process. What I've learned has shaped my perspective and interaction with family, friends, my spouse, and my children. As a result I've started doing one on one therapy to continue my growth and healing journey. I would recommend the Journey program to anyone and everyone who is tired of living shackled to the effects of trauma but is looking to move forward and overcome in this life." - RB


"Healthier and whole version of myself."

"If I could summarize my Journey experience in one word, it would be: reflective. The Journey provided me a safe space to question how my past, all the way back to my womb life, has shaped me and if I want to remain in that person. God used The Journey programming and Tammy's guidance, to begin my healing process so that I can be a healthier and whole version of myself. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate." -UF"

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