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Change, Challenge, & Choices

In life, the possibility of change is inevitable. Though we know it will happen, we are not always prepared for it, nor do we always have the tools to process through it. Unprocessed change, can lead to challenges, sabotaging our lives and relationships along the way, and ultimately impairs our choices. Join us for our upcoming C3 CHALLENGE - Schedule your own individual or small group sessions of up to 50 people, where we walk with you through practical ways to not just process change, but also how to implement exercises and tools that help move towards healing. 


CURRENT ACTIVE SITES: Troy, MI - Sponsored Group Session (FREE). Click below for more details and how to register. Limited seats, click below to inquire of availability? 

Available In-person or via Zoom  

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For the Metro-Detroit area, click below to inquire about upcoming dates and and active sites.  

Support Group

Individual &

Small Group Support

Schedule an individual or Small group session series today! Available in-person in the Metro Detroit Area or on Zoom. Click link below to inquire. 

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