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The MODE (Coming Soon)

Dealing with the wounds of Rejection - Coming 2022

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Our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are fed through the communications and communities we have been in our entire lives. Unfortunately, for many, those beliefs can alter the image we have of our selves, and foster feelings of rejection. All of us have experienced rejection in some form or another. Some of those messages were give to us in childhood, while others were picked up along the way. No matter where your messages of rejection came from, they can be painful and crippling in our lives. The damage of rejection sets us up for feelings of worthlessness, fear, anger, sadness or depression, an inability to connect with others and many other issues that keep us from living whole healthy lives. In addition, our responses to rejection are usually self-destructive as we harbor resentment and bitterness toward the people who have, or whom we believe have rejected us. But we don't have to LIVE this way! In the mode 10 week program, we will explore some of these and give some tools to help begin the process of undoing those messages, attempt to undo those negative beliefs and replace them with messages of hope, worth and love.

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