WHY? S4L? 

During our first years of marriage, we noticed that many of our contemporaries, as far as age, were having difficulties in their marriages, and many were ending in divorce, and believe it or not, many couples were Christian. This not only threw us for a loop but, caused us to be curious as to what was happening that caused this landslide of marriages to fall apart. The biggest question for us was what could we do to ensure that our marriage would survive and thrive these challenges. Especially because we knew that the odds were stacked against us, having both come from backgrounds of broken homes and dysfunction.


We began reading together, praying, and asking questions, as well as seeking counsel from those who were successful in marriage. As we gleaned, we felt the pull to also taking the things we were learning and share them with others. We realized after a short time, that many people were looking for answers as well. We opened our home, marriage and family to as many people as we could to try and provide a safe space to talk about difficult issues (generational issues, abuse, addiction, etc.) and before we knew it, it turned into small groups meeting in our home, to traveling and speaking about the realities of relationships, marriage, and so much more. S4L was born out of a deep desire to reach as many people as possible with the good news that relationships CAN THRIVE, with the aid and grace of God, as well as tools to build and maintain a healthy God centered marriage, family and relationships of all kinds. From the husband/wife, to the parent/child, co-workers, to the neighbor next door. All relationships can benefit from tools to sure up their foundations and thrive. 

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(PMC) Pre-Marital Series

Richard Rohr

You cannot heal what you are not willing to acknowledge

Tamara Conway

Anger can often times take advantage of a moment and distort the truth

Steven Conway

There is nothing more calculated to reveal the selfishness in the human heart than marriage

Provers 4:23

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the ISSUES of life


Anger is a secondary emotion, not the primary. Be willing to look deeper. 

Psalms 127:1

Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is waisted


What we don't know not only can hurt us, but hurt others as well. 


Listen with intent, not defense


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