Steven Conway was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. God's leading has taken Steven many places to teach and preach, including some 20 countries.  Along with cross cultural pastoral ministry, Steven has served on secular university campuses and as an educator at the secondary level in three schools. Currently he serves as the senior pastor of the Detroit Northwest SDA Church congregation and the Director of the Renew Life Center, located in Detroit, MI. Introducing people to Jesus and making the Christian journey simple and accessible is his passion, as well as sharing practical tools to help those on the journey of developing whole and healthy relationships.


Tamara Conway is a speaker, Life Coach, host of “At The Well” podcast and co-director of Stamena4life. She has a passion for writing, and also sharing the amazing testimony of God’s grace in her life with others, as well as encouraging women (young and mature) to use their trauma as triumphs. Her greatest joys and accomplishments are sharing life with her husband, Steven Conway, of over 20 yrs, whom she also has the pleasure of serving with in ministry, and also being a mother to their amazing four children, Israel 19, Abi 16, Gabriel 11 and Angel 10.