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Steven Conway, MAPM

Pastor & Director at Stamena4life 


Steven conway was born and raised in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. While attending a calpourter program in Las Vegas, NV, he would surrender his heart to God, and find himself on a journey that would transform his life and take him around the world preaching and teaching.   


Over the years, he has serve in many different capacities of ministry, such as a teaching in the secondary level in three schools, a boarding academy boys dean, outreach coordinator, evangelism instructor, chaplain for secular university campuses, and Director of Evangelism for C.A.M.P.U.S Ministries, reaching secular university campuses in the U.S. and around the world. 


During this time, he has also served in the Pastoral field for over 20 yrs, shepherding congregations in New Jersey & New York. Currently, he is pastoring in the Metro Detroit area, where he and his family have served congregations throughout for over 17 yrs. Steven loves working in cross cultural ministry, and sharing the gospel in practical ways that reach the heart. 

He and his wife Tamara, have been married for over 21 years, sharing four beautiful children, and a love for ministry as a family. They are both co-directors of Stamena4life, LLC.

Introducing people to Jesus and making the Christian journey simple and accessible is his passion, as well as sharing practical tools to help those on the journey of developing whole and healthy relationships. 

"There is nothing more calculated to reveal the selfishness in the human heart than marriage." - SC

Steven and Tamara have been married for over 21 years and share 4 beautiful children; Israel - 20, Abigail - 17, Gabe - 12, and Angel - 11. 

Tools were the game changer for our marriage, and helps us to discover how to not only avoid making similar mistakes, but to also deal with the baggage we both brought to the table, honestly and intentionally. We could not ignore our beginnings, as they play a major role in how we would progress forward. Being tremendously blessed personally by these tools and help from those around us, we wanted to share those tools with others. Over the years we have opened our home, our family and life's journey, to provide a safe space to talk about the realities of relationships, marriages, parenting, community with individuals, couples and small groups. 

S4L was born out of a deep desire to reach as many people as possible with the good news that relationships CAN THRIVE, with the aid and grace of GOD, as well as tools to build and maintain a healthy God centered marriage, family and community relationships. 

We covet your prayers and look forward to meeting you in some of our LIVE sessions, workshops and online media outreach. 


The road of life can take you many places. From our beginnings, we don't always have a voice in how we start the journey, or what happens along the way. As someone who experienced sexual, physical and verbal abuse at an early age, surrounded by addiction and dysfunction, Tamara found herself walking the path that was laid before her. Until she found herself one day presented with a choice, to either continue, or turn. One choice to turn, lead to many more.  

With God's help, tools, and amazing support, she was able to break generational cycles of dysfunction, negative thought patterns & beliefs, and recognize that she didn't have to just live life coping. She could in fact HEAL and rebuild, what was once broken. Tamara invites you to join the journey of doing the personal work to move from a place of coping, to healing!

Tamara has served as a Life Coaching for over 15 years, walking with women through recovery tools from childhood trauma, as well as serving alongside her husband in pastoral ministry for over 20 years, working with congregations of varied cultural backgrounds, and on secular university campuses. She is also a Grief Recovery Specialist. 


Her mission is to help people utilize tools that will educate and inspire them to do some of the most important, life altering work, in the areas of healing from loss, change, rejection, trauma and so much more.

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Tamara Conway

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist & Life Coach 

"There is a major difference between walking through

life coping and living life healed." - TC

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