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Holding Hands

There are men and women from all over the world, including, but not limited to, inner city populations, as well as second and third world countries, who desire to participate in programs that will aid in the process of personal healing and growth, but are not able to cover the complete cost of these 1-on-1 and group sessions. We hate turning people away, especially when they are committed to doing the work that is necessary in order to go from a place of coping to healing. Many of who, by their participation, can go back to their families, as well as communities and begin to make a difference based on their own personal growth and exposure to educational materials that can make a difference. So, we established the "Pay It Forward" scholarship.  

The"Pay It Forward" scholarship helps to cover the cost of program fees, which include groups sessions, books & materials and coaching sessions associated with the Grief Recovery Method, The Journey - Passenger, or C3-Challenge programs. Your contribution to this scholarship will ensure that we are able to help as many people as possible. If you are interested in Paying It Forward, click the button below. 


For details on any of the programs we offer, please scroll for costs, program info and more. 

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$350 p/person

Group Work 

$450 p/person

1-on-1 Work



$300 p/person

1-on-1 Coaching


$200 p/person

Group Work


"Change, Challenge & Choices"

Group Sessions Only!

$10 p/person 

(Minimum of $100 &

Maximum of 50 participants per session)


HCWL Program

Helping Children With Loss 

The only evidence-based Grief Recovery program in the world. An action-based, powerful, directed approach to healing from life's deepest heartbreaks. 

The Passenger Video Series and accompanying workbook, focus on our early beginnings, the resulting attachment styles and how they impact our behaviors, feelings and thoughts today. Attaching to our parents as early as in the womb is the beginning of feeling that we belong. A feeling of belonging is fundamental to human existence and required in order to be whole, healthy and complete. When during our formative years we fail to attach in safe and secure ways to our caregivers, the brain sets up methods of survival in order to feel safe which are unhealthy, as well ways in which we choose very early to relate to others and still act upon in our present day lives. The Passenger explores the wealth of clinical data found by renowned scientist such as Dr. John Bowlby, Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Tim Clinton and Gary Sibcy on the subject of parent child bonding and attachment. Most importantly, however, The Passenger teaches that by understanding your early beginning you can be free of these unhealthy survival techniques and begin your road to happiness, success and better relationships today.

In life, the possibility of change is inevitable. Though we know it will happen, we are not always prepared for it, nor do we always have the tools to process through it. Unprocessed change, leads to challenges along the way, and ultimately impares our choices. Join us for our next C3 Session, where we walk with you through practical ways to not just process change, but move towards healing! 

Click here to find a C3 Group in your area, or to schedule a session: 

Most parents want to do whatever they can to protect their children from painful moments and events that may touch their lives. In trying to “protect” them however, we often do not realize that we are inadvertently passing on to them the same bits of “misinformation” on how to deal with grief that we learned as children.

You can learn tools that will not only help them today, but for the rest of their lives as well. They will also have to proper tools to cope with whatever grief may impact their lives and later to pass on to their children as well. Your participation in this program can make a real difference for generations to come!

This program is not only designed to help parents, but teachers, school counselors and everyone else who has contact with children. These skills can be of enormous value no matter what loss a child has experienced, including, but not limited to the loss a parent, grandparent, sibling, a divorce in the family, or even the loss of a pet.

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